Human Capital

Our success as a company ultimately depends on the strength, wellness and dedication of our workforce. We provide our highly skilled employees an engaging, rewarding, supportive and inclusive atmosphere in which to grow professionally and contribute. We recognize the importance of ongoing communication and engagement with our employees through anonymous employee surveys and frequent townhall meetings and greatly value their input. We provide a wide selection of resources to protect our employees’ health, well-being, financial security and work-life balance. Our carefully designed competitive and comprehensive benefits package attracts and retains talented personnel, and we pride ourselves on our low voluntary employee turnover as a result. In addition, we conduct anonymous employee surveys as a means of engaging our employees to assess job satisfaction and specific concerns, among other items. We recently completed an anonymous employee survey, and the Company had an over 90% satisfaction rating in many areas, including AGNC’s treatment of its employees, physical working conditions, commitment to integrity, and overall culture and environment. Based on the results of this survey, our Board and management are working to implement a number of ideas and recommendations that we received from employees.

Compensation, Retirement and Income Protection

Health and Wellness

Professional and Personal Development

A comprehensive list of benefits can be found in the Careers section.

Gender Representation

We are committed to promoting gender equality and further increasing diversity within our workforce.


As of December 31, 2022.
All employees are directly employed by AGNC and not temporary.

Professional and Personal Development

We encourage our employees to work with their managers to identify professional development and additional learning opportunities that will contribute to their growth as well as support AGNC’s success. We provide reimbursement for eligible degree and non-degree courses, including online self-study, classroom study, tuition and certifications, as well as webinars and attendance to conferences and seminars. We also provide reimbursement for membership to career-related professional organizations and associations.

Health and Safety

We comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and we strive to conduct business in ways that reduce and/or eliminate conditions that may be unhealthful or cause injury to our employees. We urge employees to report any unsafe conditions in the workplace, and to work with management to alleviate these conditions where they may exist.

Disaster Planning and Recovery

We maintain a disaster planning and recovery program to identify potential threats to our business and employees, to develop response procedures and other emergency programs, and communicate information concerning these hazards to employees. In the event of disaster, we notify, and keep our employees informed, through our Emergency Notification System (“ENS”). The ENS also allows employees to communicate if they need assistance.