At AGNC, we take our corporate responsibility seriously. We are firmly committed to value-added environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) practices and believe the long-term success of our company requires a continued focus on, and effective management of, these matters.

AGNC is a leading provider of private capital to the U.S. housing market, enhancing liquidity in the residential real estate mortgage markets and, in turn, facilitating home ownership in the U.S. While our primary objective is to provide our stockholders with attractive risk-adjusted returns through a combination of monthly dividends and net asset value accretion, our corporate responsibilities go far beyond that. We consider the interests of all our stakeholders – our stockholders, employees, lenders and other counterparties, vendors, and community – in pursuing the long-term success of our business. Best-in-class governance and ethical business practices, transparent disclosures, active stockholder and employee engagement, and supportive human capital practices are fundamental pillars of our corporate responsibility and sustainability practices.

ESG Report

In September of 2022, we published our second annual Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) report, which outlines AGNC’s commitment to the core principles of ESG and strategic management approach to key ESG topics such as corporate governance, risk management, human capital management, business ethics and environmental stewardship. AGNC’s 2021 ESG report can be downloaded here.

Our Board of Directors and management team appreciate the importance of this corporate responsibility, and AGNC is firmly committed to addressing sustainability factors that are relevant to our business, ultimately adding value for all our stakeholders. We evaluate our ESG performance continuously and strive to enhance our ESG efforts. We welcome any feedback, suggestions or requests for more information. Please contact us at [email protected].