Investing With Impact

“Our business stands at the intersection of Main Street and Wall Street and advances homeownership, long viewed as a central tenet of the ‘American Dream’ and the primary source of wealth creation for millions of hard-working homeowners.”

Kenneth Pollack, Executive Vice President & General Counsel

At AGNC, we understand the critical importance of corporate responsibility and its influence on our investments, our operations, and our stakeholders. We believe maintaining exceptional environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards is fundamental to the health of AGNC as an organization, understanding our actions have reverberating effects across our stakeholders.

With this perspective, we are committed to providing permanent, dedicated capital to the U.S. housing market – with a long-term investment perspective that incorporates sustainability factors – to facilitate homeownership and generate favorable risk-adjusted stockholder returns.

Our corporate responsibility Pillars

Stockholder-friendly governance structure and practices

Culture of compliance with legal and ethical business standards

Prudent risk management

Transparent disclosures and active stakeholder engagement

Supportive and inclusive human capital management

ESG Report

In 2023, we published our third annual ESG Report, which provides stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of our corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts and outlines our commitment to environmental awareness, robust human capital management practices, and exceptional corporate governance standards.

Corporate Responsibility Inquiries: [email protected]