AGNC is committed to promoting a healthy environment by using resources more efficiently and responsibly. While our business operations have a relatively modest environmental impact, our dedication to sustainability is reflected throughout our corporate headquarters and the management of our daily activities.

Corporate highlights

  • Headquartered in a new LEED Platinum and Well Health and Safety Certified building
  • View Smart Windows
  • High-efficiency air circulation systems
  • Office cleaning and pest control conducted with specific green products
  • Single stream recycling
  • Compostable and recycled kitchen products
  • Recycling of electronic equipment and ink cartridges
  • Assess and disclose Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions
  • Energy Star® certified office equipment
  • Cloud computing
  • Motion sensor control lighting
  • Reduction of water bottle usage
  • Centrally located to all forms of mass transport with company-paid public transit

Following significant impact analysis, we purchase carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates to offset the entirety of annual Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions.

Investment Considerations

Unlike REITs that own or operate physical real estate assets, our investments in pools of residential mortgages do not lend themselves to similar materiality assessments for environmental footprints. The mortgage pools underlying our Agency MBS investments are assembled by the Agencies in a manner designed to increase liquidity and eliminate the impact of regional or local issues that historically have had a significant impact on mortgage lending. As such, we have limited visibility into the properties underlying the MBS investments within our portfolio.

Despite these limitations, we continue to collaborate with industry participants to increase disclosure and facilitate analysis of climate change and other environmental impacts for residential mortgage assets over time.